#SomethingGood2020 – Join Me!

Happy New Decade!!

WOW!  Can you believe?  A new decade has begun!  Thank you for “ringing it in” with me!  So, what now? Do you make resolutions? Are you a goal setter?  Or is the New Year just another day in the life?  

I’m doing something I’ve never done before!  I’m challenging myself to share #somethinggood2020 every day for 365 days!  

“What? Are you crazy?” you ask.  

Yep, I’m going to share something in my life each day that is Good.  With you. 

Have you ever committed to something for an entire year?  Aside from eating, sleeping, breathing and taking care of my personal needs, I cannot raise my hand on this one, but that’s about to change!

What have you done each day every day for one year?  

Well, here’s your chance to join me!  5 minutes or LESS is what I will be spending on my “good” each day.  No excuses! Make it easy! We ALL have 5 minutes to share and maybe make someone’s day, right????    

Maybe it’s a campaign, maybe it’s a movement (that would be awesome!). There is NO right or wrong!  If you feel every day is too much, what about once a week? You could walk around your house or scroll through articles or find pictures, or know people you’d love to share – 53 things are not that difficult?  What about 365 things?

I could walk around my house and list 365 things that are good to me right now!  Don’t you think I’m not going to be sharing appliances! Where would I be without the ease of slow cookers!  (Oh dear, I just gave you one of my “goods”!)

Join me – it’s easy!  Here are the steps:

  1. Post on social media and use #somethinggood2020 

  2. FOLLOW The hashtag #somethinggood2020 (just like you would follow a person)

  3. Tag @LovingGrADDitude in your posts so I can see what you share

  4. Follow #LovingGrADDitude

Can’t we ALL use a little good each day?

Here’s to finding your #somethinggood2020