Are you a parent needing strategies for your child?  

Does your child lack motivation?

Are you feeling like you are not able to help your child? 

Do you feel like nothing is making a difference and you are stuck in the same place and not moving forward?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone: I get you! I’ve been there in the depths of uncertainty not understanding how to support, encourage and empower my son.

When you make the decision to choose me as your ADHD Life Coach, we will uncover and discover ways to help your son or daughter succeed with ADHD. There is so much that is misunderstood about this neurological disorder and we will work at a more thorough understanding of how your child acts, reacts and responds to their life with ADHD.

About Me

Hello, my name is Kelly Biltz.

I’ve been living all things ADHD for a very long time as my husband and 12-year-old son have ADHD.  When my son was diagnosed, I didn’t know what a life coach was or that someone existed in this capacity!  It would have made a world of difference to have someone walk alongside me during those first few months after his diagnosis.  I felt like a fish out of water because there was so much to understand and grasp – I didn’t know where to start or how to filter out all the available information so I could better equip him and help him succeed at school and life.

And more importantly, after years of not understanding my son (or husband), I felt relieved with his diagnosis.  What do I mean by that?  I felt like I finally knew what was going on with him, or I had the ability to research ADHD and I wasn’t going nuts trying to figure it out on my own.  Now, after two years of studying and training, I finally understand my child (and my husband, for that matter!).  

ADHD by the Numbers


Million children ages 2-17 have ADHD


Million US adults have ADHD


 Percent chance a Parent with ADHD has of having a child with the same condition


Percentage of those who have been diagnosed have a co-existing condition.

Who I Work With

Teenagers with ADHD

The teenage years are tough for our children in general.  When you add ADHD into the mix, the challenges these awesome young men and women experience greatly increase: homework, social acceptance, planning, time management and prioritizing are critical during these years. I may be one of the few, but I love these hormonally driven years and I’d love to work with your teen!

Parents of Teenagers with ADHD

I’ve been there as a parent and completely relate to you! Not sure how to support your child because nothing seems to be working?  Maybe you don’t have a full understanding of how ADHD is affecting your child or your family? Feeling overwhelmed? We will explore successful strategies that work for you and your child to ensure a peaceful relationship for all involved!


As your ADHD Life Coach, I will walk beside you and help you UNDERSTAND how ADHD is impacting your life.

Together, we will work on new strategies and skills and learn more about what motivates you. We will dive deep into learning styles, core values and “stories” and explore your strengths and weaknesses.
Ultimately, you will OWN your ADHD.

Success does not occur without determination, diligence, discipline and self-awareness.   ADHD will always have its challenges, but there should be no boundaries to what you want to attain and accomplish in your life.  You can SUCCEED.

Kelly is completely relatable and understands what we experience daily and emotionally with our 10-year-old son’s ADHD. Her coaching has helped us understand what he needs to be successful. She has given us tools and techniques that have helped us manage his challenges and build his confidence and self-esteem. We now look at his behaviors and situations differently and embrace moments that used to send us over the edge! We have seen a big difference in the way our son responds to us and he is much more relaxed and open. Kelly has been a true blessing and is significantly improving our relationship as parents and as a family. ~ Tiffany
Kelly, I wanted to thank you for the coaching you did for me and my girls. After each session, I had a handle on situations that previously felt chaotic. Having 1 child with ADD is overwhelming, but having 2 can sometimes bring me to my knees. I appreciated your gentle reminders to show grace to them and their ADD brains, while giving me practical strategies to help them. Learning to work WITH my girls and empower them to make choices for themselves and take responsibilities was so valuable and will have a lasting effect on our routines and communication. Our life and routines are not perfect, as nothing is, but they are so much better thanks to your guidance! ~ Piper