How does the coaching process work?

Once you decide you would like to work with me, you schedule a “Let’s Meet” session where we spend 45 mins together. The purpose of this session is for me to get to know you and your history of ADHD. After this initial “meet”, you chose your coaching package.

Once you select a package, you will be sent a contract.  Simply sign the contract (very basic and easy to understand!) and click on my calendar link to schedule your sessions (held Tuesdays through Thursdays).  I will send you a few questions for you to prepare for our first session together which helps narrow down areas of challenges and obstacles you’d like to work through.

What is coaching?

Coaching is client led – meaning you come to the session with something that is challenging you and you decide “where to go” with it.  We work one-on-one for the duration of our time together.  I look at our relationship as an intentional commitment and partnership between us.  My role is to ask powerful questions to help you better understand and navigate your challenges, with the ultimate goal of you being able to overcome, work through and recognize how to handle obstacles on your own.  My goal is for you to meet and exceed your goals!

What’s a typical session?

In a typical session, the client does 80% of the talking.  We begin by the client deciding what direction they would like to take and the topic they’d like to address.  I ask the questions to help the client engage, explore, discover, make decisions, set goals and bring clarity to these challenges.  We explore what has worked, what hasn’t worked, successes and failures. Ultimately, by the end of each session, you will have decided on goals to set for yourself for our next meeting.

What if I don’t know the answer to a question?

You may not and that’s OK!  I meet you where you are! I allow time for you to process and talk through it.  If you are stuck, I ask questions around it. Sometimes you may not know how to answer the question, but I trust you will be getting all you need from our time together.  There is no right or wrong in your answers – only self-discovery.

What if I don’t know what to talk about during a session?

I love when clients respond with, “I don’t know” when I ask them what they’d like to be coached on!  It’s my job to help you focus on what to talk about! And, I promise, you will figure it out quite quickly!  You’d be surprised at what direction you may go in when “I don’t knows” happen!

How do we meet?

We work together via phone conference calls, video calls, such as ZOOM, Skype or Facetime.  Once you sign up for a session, you will be given a confirmation with my information on how to reach me.

What if I have to cancel a client session?

You may reschedule/cancel up to 24 hours in advance, otherwise, the session will be counted as part of your package.  You will be sent reminders prior to our session with my calendar link to reschedule/cancel if needed.

Do I get a refund if I don’t use all my package sessions?

No, you do not.  


I keep records for a total of 6 months, beginning with our first meeting.  After the 6 months, should you want a refresher, we begin anew!

What if I’m a teen/child and I am working with you and my parents want to know what we talk about?

If you want your parents to know what we talk about, it’s up to YOU to share with them.  If you are a teen or younger child and we are working together, what we discuss is confidential between you and me.  I am your safe place to share, explore and express what you are experiencing. Just because parents are paying the bill, doesn’t mean they have access to what is shared.  Coaching is strictly between you and me. And, yes, I address this with the parents prior to any coaching occurring.

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