Kelly! You were awesome today! We cannot thank you enough. Your presentation was informative, useful and extremely enlightening. We all learned so much! It was unanimous! You knocked it out of the park! Hopefully we can get you back next year to do a “deeper dive” on some of the topics you raised. You make a difficult subject accessible to folks that are thirsty to learn how to better help our students! The strategies and suggestions you make are practical and clear. Can’t wait to learn more! You had over 86 people spellbound! YOU ROCK! Thank you again!!! ~ Leslie Mackinson, Augustine Literacy Project
Kelly is completely relatable and understands what we experience daily and emotionally with our 10-year-old son’s ADHD. Her coaching has helped us understand what he needs to be successful. She has given us tools and techniques that have helped us manage his challenges and build his confidence and self-esteem. We now look at his behaviors and situations differently and embrace moments that used to send us over the edge! We have seen a big difference in the way our son responds to us and he is much more relaxed and open. Kelly has been a true blessing and is significantly improving our relationship as parents and as a family. ~ Tiffany
We LOVE Loving GrADDitude! Kelly has helped us get on the right track with our daughter who has anxiety issues and has given us real tactical strategies to help our daughter (and us) gain more control over this part of our lives. We could not do this without you! ~RB
Kelly, I wanted to thank you for the coaching you did for me and my girls. After each session, I had a handle on situations that previously felt chaotic. Having 1 child with ADD is overwhelming, but having 2 can sometimes bring me to my knees. I appreciated your gentle reminders to show grace to them and their ADD brains, while giving me practical strategies to help them. Learning to work WITH my girls and empower them to make choices for themselves and take responsibilities was so valuable and will have a lasting effect on our routines and communication. Our life and routines are not perfect, as nothing is, but they are so much better thanks to your guidance! ~ Piper
We have been so very thankful for Kelly! She is an amazing person and has helped us learn how to parent better for all of our children, but particularly our anxiety-ridden child. She has made such a difference for us and can’t wait to continue working with us. Lord knows we need all the help we can get ? ~ KB