Drum roll please… your results are in and your biggest ADHD challenge is:


Losing time?  Lost in time?  Are you running late and constantly in a hurry?

TIME is a huge challenge for those with ADHD!  Coming in and out of it, getting into time drains, not knowing how long something takes and being unable to “see” time elapse…ring any bells?  No wonder you scored in this category!

Things are about to change for you.  I’ve got the best ways to keep track of time so you are never late again!  Here’s what you can do:

BOTTOM LINE → Timers, analog clocks, schedules and alarms are the key!

  • TIMERS!  Set timers so you learn how to manage your time and stay on task.  The ADHD brain sees time as now “ not now”.  In order to stay on task, you need to see time elapse and know how long something is taking you to complete, or you will literally get lost in a time warp.
  • Use ANALOG CLOCKS around your house and workspace.  Even if you have to have 5 analog clocks around the house, DO IT!  The ADHD mind needs to see time elapse!   
  • Set ALARM reminders!  If your parents task you with taking out the trash before the end of the night, the best thing you can do, so you don’t forget, is set a reminder and get it done! 
  • There are many timers, apps and reminders you can use.  Find what works for you and use it throughout your day.  The one I use the most is the Time Timer.  It’s quiet, shows time elapsing and colorful to the eye.  It helps motivate you, holds you accountable, and it goes with you!  Plus I love the “beep” when time is up!  
  • Use a planner.  This can be a paper one (examples: academic planner and professional planner), or online via iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar.  Start putting in your tasks and appointments and plus some…
  • Have a dentist appointment at 3pm? Put that in your calendar AND then put in a reminder when you have to leave to get there and then travel home — then add an extra 15-20 minutes on both ends.  Block that time off as busy so you don’t commit to something at 4pm (we all know you’ll never get out of the office in time!).
  • Schedule downtime!  You need it!  Put into your calendar when you will exercise, cook dinner, relax and read or watch a movie.  Give yourself permission to include what you need to do for your ADHD self-care.
  • Plan SLEEP!  WHAT?  YES!  Get on a consistent sleep schedule so you can feel replenished and able to tackle all you need to do!  Never underestimate the importance and impact sleep has on you!  Set a reminder that it’s time to wind down for bed — and stick to it!
  • Don’t overcommit or have too much to do!  Another challenge of the ADHD mind is always saying yes to events, activities, social commitments and not being able to do it all!  Saying NO is a great way to take care of yourself!

[If you have a child with ADHD, all of these suggestions work as well!]

Be mindful of how you can best use your time “right now”.  One of the best questions you can ask yourself is:

“What is the best use of my time, RIGHT NOW?

Meaning, don’t start a big project when you only have 40 minutes before an appointment or when you have to leave the house.  That’s a train wreck for a disaster.  A better use of your time in that moment may be compiling a list of all the tools you will need in order to begin the project!  Think through the whole project from beginning to end!

Be mindful of how you are utilizing your time.  AND, in that same breathe, know WHEN you have the time during your day to get things done.

Ask someone to help you stay on task and be an accountability partner!

About Me

I’m Kelly Biltz and I’m a Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC) and Sanity School Trainer here at Loving GrADDitude.

I’ve been living all things ADHD for a very long time as my husband and teenage son have ADHD – so my house is a constant challenge in managing time.  It’s been my mission to establish strategies for all of us to arrive at events and get things done ON TIME (with minimum screaming) so we all reach our goals.

I decided to go into ADHD life coaching so I could help others succeed with ADHD.  I love to work with teenagers who need support with time management, prioritizing and executive function challenges.  I also coach adults and parents who need practical life strategies, applications and solutions to help partner with their children.

My goal is for everyone with ADHD to OWN, UNDERSTAND and SUCCEED with their ADHD!

If you’re interested in ADHD coaching, send me an email at Kelly@LovingGrADDitude.com and we can chat!