How Can ADHD Life Coaching Help?

There is no doubt our lives have completely changed in the past weeks. Most of us are trying to balance living + working + homeschooling in a single space while staying safe and sane. And in families already complicated by ADHD, this new social isolation can be an utter nightmare. 


I am an ADHD Life Coach who excels at helping you create action plans to maximize the gifts of your ADHD and structure you and your family’s lives to meet and conquer whatever challenges the world and ADHD create.

As your ADHD Life Coach, I will walk beside you and help you understand how ADHD is impacting your life RIGHT NOW. We will work on new strategies and skills and dive deep into how you can stay sane during these turbulent times.

Let's Work Together

Stay Sane Strategy Session

Need guidance in figuring out how you and your family can work + play + live + learn in your home? We can Facetime together and restructure your home so everyone has an area to accomplish all they need to do.

Unsure how you can balance it all? Let’s jump on a call or use the videoconferencing app Zoom to set up a plan for a daily routine so you can realistically meet all your new responsibilities and feel in control. 

Worried your ADHD will add to the stress of the situation? Let’s get together on the phone to outline an action plan that reflects how you are currently needing to live so you can feel confident in tackling your day.

This one-on-one 60min Strategy Session is designed to help you meet whatever you and your family need during these turbulent times. 

Cost – $115 $49 until further notice

Family Coaching

You’ve probably always wished you had more time for family, BUT this might be waaaaaay too much togetherness! People weren’t meant to spent THIS MUCH time together under one roof so I can imagine there are struggles and much frustration going on.

Family coaching is a great way to ease the conflict and help everyone get on board with a plan to stay safe and sane. We can connect to set up plans and schedules, iron out challenges and conflicts, and be proactive in getting through the next few weeks.

And using the videoconferencing app Zoom (found on your phones or computers), family members don’t even need to be in the same room!

Sessions can be up to 60min long and you can purchase these two at a time (one to strategize and second to review if working) so you aren’t locked into a long-term package. 

Cost $150 for the 2 sessions

We WILL get through this together! Sending you support, love, good thoughts and much gratitude.

— Kelly Biltz