Kelly Biltz, CALC is a Certified ADHD Life Coach at Loving GrADDitude. Her coaching practice specializes in working with parents who need practical life strategies, applications and solutions to help partner with their children. She also coaches teens who need support with time management, prioritizing and executive function challenges. She helps teens and parents understand how ADHD is impacting their life, so they prepare for the high school and college years successfully.

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What is ADHD?

What is ADHD? This topic will give you an overall understanding of ADHD and how it impacts the brain’s ability to process everyday tasks. Attendees will walk away with a thorough understanding of the ADHD brain and its impact on the frontal lobe and amygdala, what causes ADHD, what ADHD feels like, its connection to anxiety, and mindset shifts so you can approach ADHD from a more comprehensive, compassionate, caring and less frustrated approach.

ADHD and Time

TIME: It’s complicated with ADHD. Not knowing where to start, how to prioritize, how long it takes to accomplish a task, or how to get anywhere on time…ring any bells? In this presentation ADHD Life Coach Kelly Biltz breaks down how the ADHD brain understands time and offers tools, tips and tricks to help you understand and manage time so you accomplish all you want in your day.

Strategies and Accommodations in the Classroom

Ahhh…the list is long when it comes to classroom settings and how to set students up to succeed. This presentation includes an overall understanding of what’s happening in the brain with ADHD and how this plays out in the classroom. Learn strategies and tools to best support the ADHD student so they strive and thrive in your classroom! IEPs and 504s, too!

Executive Functions and ADHD

This is an immersion into executive functions and the frontal lobe which is responsible for how we “go about our day”. Think time management, prioritizing, planning, executing tasks, emotionality, working memory, memory recall and impulsivity…to name a few.

Afterschool, Homework and ADHD

This is one of the most challenging times of the day for parents: helping their children become independent with homework and study habits! I hear you! Prepare to engage in flexible thinking, parents! This is all about setting your child up in the right environment with the right tools and time management skills so YOU don’t have to manage this part of their day!

LESS of Us (Parents) and MORE of Them (Child)

Is every day a battle and high stress with your child? It doesn’t have to be! Not when you figure out which battles to fight and which ones to let go. Through a series of questioning, you will identify your everyday battles and then move into prioritizing them: which ones to fight for and which ones to raise the white flag in surrender. Take the stress off yourselves as parents and empower your children so you all find peace at home!

Everyday Strategies for a Peaceful Home

Yep, we hit it straight and get right into it! Kelly breaks down everyday challenges and how to create a more peaceful home environment by sharing strategies, tools and routines that are sure to motivate you to go home, implement and execute them in your daily life!

Media Kit

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Kelly! You were awesome today! We cannot thank you enough. Your presentation was informative, useful and extremely enlightening. We all learned so much! It was unanimous! You knocked it out of the park! Hopefully we can get you back next year to do a “deeper dive” on some of the topics you raised. You make a difficult subject accessible to folks that are thirsty to learn how to better help our students! The strategies and suggestions you make are practical and clear. Can’t wait to learn more! You had over 86 people spellbound! YOU ROCK! Thank you again!!! ~ Leslie Mackinson, Augustine Literacy Project